Smart PV string combiner:

  • Designed RTOS embedded firmware with emphasis on scalability and modularity.
  • The designed string combiner architecture features a reconfigurable number of smart modules. Each slave module sample & calibrate string currents at high accuracy and communicate results to the master controller.
  • The Master controller supports a number of advanced features including: Arc-Fault detection, Labwindows/CVI user interface and communication with outer world.

High Power Test Station:

  • Designed and programmed RTOS embedded firmware & control architecture from scratch.
  • Designed HPTS mathematical models & simulation under different control strategies.
  • Programmed and tested TMS DSP peripherals: EEPROM, DMA, ADCs, PWM and Timers.
  • Designed and programmed different PID feedback digital control loops that control soft-start, power sequencing, system dynamics and current sharing.
  • Designed a fault-tolerant HPTS system with error handling, status reporting and recovery.
  • Designed HPTS advanced features including: PV simulation, Master/Slave configuration, communicating with PLC and Human Machine Interface HMI.

200W Micro-Inverter

  • Lead digital control effort for PV grid-tie micro-inverter from early concepts to final product.
  • Simulated the design in Matlab/Simulink and proved functionality before actual prototyping.
  • Designed and programmed different digital control loops to stabilize the new grid-tie PV inverter.
  • Programmed & tested G38.1 and AS4777 standard codes that successfully passed certification.
  • Developed different smart control and adaptive control algorithms that optimized the PV inverter efficiency and performance.
  • Developed automated test programs for product functional verification using LabVIEW.


Adaptive Efficiency Optimization Digital Controller:

  • Developed a variable switching frequency adaptive digital controller to enhance the efficiency of DC-DC converters.
  • Helped in developing and testing a new adaptive digital control algorithm to optimize the efficiency of multiphase buck DC-DC converters over wide load range.