• PhD in Electrical Engineering, University of Central Florida-USA.
  • Published Seventeen IEEE Transaction Journals/Conference papers & filed Three Patents.
  • Eleven years hands-on experience designing real-time embedded control systems.
  • Experience in power topologies modeling & simulation using different tools.
  • Experience in Firmware/Hardware bring-up, debugging, and validation.
  • Experience in designing Wireless Power Transmitters/Receivers Firmware & AirFuel standards.
  • Working knowledge of switched-mode power supplies various topologies DC/DC and DC/AC with focus on renewable energy & wireless charging applications.
  • Highly motivated with strong analytical/problem solving skills and attention to details.



  • PhD, Electrical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Central Florida-USA, May 2006 – August 2009. Dissertation title: “Adaptive Efficiency Optimization for Digitally Controlled Power Converters”. Thesis research was conducted in collaboration with Intel Corporation.
  • M.S., Electrical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Central Florida-USA, August 2004 – May 2006. Thesis Title: “Unified Steady-State Computer Aided Model for Soft-Switching DC–DC Converters”.
  • B.Sc., Electronics Engineering, Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT)/Royal Scientific Society (RSS), Amman-Jordan, September 1997- July 2002.


Professional Experience

Integrated Device Technology (IDT), Staff Firmware Engineer (July ’15 – Present)

  • Lead embedded design engineer for a new Wireless Power Transmitter:
    • Designed IDT new Wireless Power Transmitter Unit (PTU) RTOS embedded Firmware.
    • Tested and debugged PTU BLE based operations utilizing Nordic chipset and Blutooth sniffers.
  • Firmware design engineer for a new Wireless Power Receiver:
    • Designed and programmed a novel algorithm using ARM SOC to detect mode of operation (A4WP, PMA, WPC) based on carrier frequency.
    • Designed & performed Interoperability (IOP) and Conformance tests to verify wireless power receiver compliance with Airfuel standard.
    • Successfully Lead IDT Interoperability (IOP) testing effort at PlugFest, San Jose
    • Developed different test automation GUI’s using LabVIEW.


ABB, (Sr. Embedded Control Engineer), Phoenix-AZ, (August ‘12 – July ’15 )

  • Lead embedded design engineer for PV string combiner
    • Designed RTOS embedded firmware with emphasis on scalability and modularity.
    • The designed string combiner architecture features a reconfigurable number of smart modules. Each slave module sample & calibrate string currents at high accuracy and communicate results to the master controller.
    • The Master controller supports a number of advanced features including: Arc-Fault detection, Labwindows/CVI user interface and communication with outer world.
  • Lead embedded control engineer for High Power Test Station (HPTS):
    • Designed and programmed RTOS embedded firmware & control architecture from scratch.
    • Designed HPTS mathematical models & simulation under different control strategies.
    • Programmed and tested TMS DSP peripherals: EEPROM, DMA, ADCs, PWM and Timers.
    • Designed and programmed different PID feedback digital control loops that control soft-start, power sequencing, system dynamics and current sharing.
    • Designed a fault-tolerant HPTS system with error handling, status reporting and recovery.
    • Designed HPTS advanced features including: PV simulation, Master/Slave configuration, communicating with PLC and Human Machine Interface HMI.


Petra Solar, (Lead Control Engineer), Orlando-FL, (April 08 – July’12)

  • Lead digital control effort for PV grid-tie micro-inverter from early concepts to final product.
  • Simulated the design in Matlab/Simulink and proved functionality before actual prototyping.
  • Designed and programmed different digital control loops to stabilize the new grid-tie PV inverter.
  • Programmed & tested G38.1 and AS4777 standard codes that successfully passed certification.
  • Developed different smart control and adaptive control algorithms that optimized the PV inverter efficiency and performance.
  • Developed automated test programs for product functional verification using LabVIEW.


Intern, Intel, (R&D Engineer – Corporate Technology Group CTG), OR-USA, (June 07 – Sept 07)

  • Developed a variable switching frequency adaptive digital controller to enhance the efficiency of DC-DC converters.
  • Helped in developing and testing a new adaptive digital control algorithm to optimize the efficiency of multiphase buck DC-DC converters over wide load range.



  • “METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING FEEDBACK SIGNAL ACQUISITION IN A POWER CONTROLLER,” US Patent# WO 2012158938 , Inventors:Sami Ajram, Wisam Al-Hoor and Mohammad Kuran.
  • “Photovoltaic String Combiner With Modular Platform Architecture,” US Patent, Inventors:Paul White and Wisam Al-Hoor. Patent Pending.
  • “Photovoltaic String Combiner With advanced thermal conduction strategies,” US Patent, Inventors:Paul White ,Wisam Al-Hoor, Carlos Miera and Daniel Dapper. Patent Pending.



Affiliations & Awards

  • Outstanding performance at ABB yearly review , 2013.
  • Several recognitions from Petra Solar , 2010, 2011.
  • Awarded 3rd Place at Intel Intern contest, Intel, Oregon, 2007.
  • UCF graduate research fellowship for summer 2006.
  • Second best final year project at IEEE career fair 2002.
  • Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) Dean’s list.




Laboratory Skills:  Skilled in troubleshooting and debugging hardware & Firmware using different lab. equipment’s including: Oscilloscopes, Electronics Sources and Loads, Logic Analyzers, Frequency Analyzers,  Spectrum Analyzers, In-circuit emulators, JTAG debuggers and sniffers.
Engineering Software:

 MATLAB, Simulink, PLECS, MathCad, PSIM, LabVIEW, Labwindows/CVI, Pspice and SVN version control software.

Programming Skills:  C/C++ (proficient), Labview (proficient), C# (prior experience), Python (prior experience), PLC (prior experience), Labwindows/CVI (prior experience).
Editors:   MPLABX, Code Composer Studio, Visual Studio, GNU, Keil and basic embedded Linux open source development (gcc, make)
MCU/DSP:  Experience designing low-level “bare metal” firmware with different 8,16 and 32 bits MCUs/DSPs:

 TI TMS (floating and fixed point), Microchip PIC, 8051 based microcontrollers, ARM SoCs, ARM Cortex-M3, STM32

Communication:  Working knowledge on different communication protocols: I2C, SPI, UART, RS232, RS485, CAN